Family Doctor - L4 online, referral or prescription

  • How will a private family doctor online help?
  • consultation of symptoms and questions related to health
  • diagnosis and recommendations, if necessary: L4 online, e-prescription, referral for tests, medical certificate
  • free follow-up visit - discussion of treatment progress, extension of sick leave online

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Sick leave from a family doctor - questions and answers

  • Who is a family doctor?

    A family doctor diagnoses and treats family members. Family medicine is long-term patient care. Its role is primarily prevention and stabilization of patients' ailments in outpatient settings. A private family doctor, in addition to stationary consultations, can also diagnose patients during a teleconsultation. If we care about personal contact, then we can use the online internist service, during which the doctor will connect with us via videoconference. The role of the family doctor is usually played by an internist.
  • How do I make an appointment with my family doctor?

    The family doctor of the National Health Fund sees you in the outpatient clinic after signing up for a visit at the registration desk. A visit to a family doctor on the National Health Fund is a free service and can be used by insured persons. People interested in private medical care can use commercial services. Registration to a family doctor online is done using the application form available at After completing it and paying for the consultation, choose which online family doctor you are interested in and adjust the date of the visit.
  • A visit to an internist - how long does it take?

    The waiting time depends on many factors. A NFZ internist usually takes a few to a dozen or so days. An online internist does not require a long wait for contact. E visit can take place in a few moments from notification.
  • What is e-sick leave?

    It is simply an electronic sick leave, thanks to which you no longer have to deliver the L4 physically to the company or to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) as in the past, if you run a business. The e-sick note will be automatically sent to the system a few hours after it is issued by the doctor. From December 1, 2018, it is no longer possible to issue paper L4 exemptions.
  • How is e exemption different from the old L4?

    E-leave (ZUS – ZLA) is written out by a doctor not on a paper form, but entered by him into the system, from where the document is automatically transferred to the IT system of ZUS.
  • L4 via the Internet - can I get a sick leave online?

    Of course. If a family doctor online Dimedic. eu determines that a medical certificate is needed, it will be issued during the consultation.
  • How to get a medical certificate online?

    Our online internist will assess your health during teleconsultation and, if necessary, will issue L4 online during your visit.
  • Will I get a medical certificate online for free at

    A medical certificate is issued during a paid online consultation, when the doctor considers it necessary. L4 online is issued at no additional charge, and the patient pays only for the consultation, which costs PLN 89.99.
  • How much does it cost to visit a family doctor without insurance during which I will receive L4?

    A private family doctor at costs PLN 89.99. During the visit, the doctor can issue a medical certificate online and it does not require any additional fee.
  • How to check e exemption?

    You will find the issued L4 online at your IKP and at ZUS PUE. Usually it is visible in the system after 1-2 days, but it happens that this process can take up to 7 days. By receiving L4 via the Internet at, your medical certificate will be sent to the system immediately after it is issued.
  • L4 online - how much can e exemption issued on teleporada be?

    The online internist can issue an e-card for the duration of treatment. Its length depends on the individual assessment of the doctor. Typically, e-sick leave is issued for a period not longer than 7 days. After this time, you should attend another visit to check the effect of treatment. During such a consultation, a private family doctor will decide whether to issue a medical certificate L4.
  • How to report L4 to an employer?

    An employee who receives a sick leave online or stationary should inform the employer about his absence in person, through another person, by phone, text message, e-mail or registered letter. If you receive L4 - inform your employer.